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My journey to KONY

After completion of my Intermediate education I was left in a puzzle what to do now? I asked many elders they gave me different views one said do CA, another said do B.Com and some said go engineering. The choice is left for me, I asked myself what I choose?  I introspected myself what am […]

My Swara at e-Swara

I am a newbie and an immature speaker, not at all a writer. It all began with the announcement of Inter-Collegiate literary competitions “e-Swara” in the campus. It was an intercollegiate competition among the six constituent colleges of Sri Vishnu Educational Society at Bhimavaram campus.    I was thrilled and I was one of the students […]

Joy of Reading Books

The joy of reading books can’t be described in words. It is something that we understand only by experience. I am one fortunate girl who lives always in imagination of different worlds and sensing the autumn fragrance of flowers in printed pages and illustrations. Though strange people, travelling to various places with amiable authors is […]

Vishnu School
My Achievements, Aims and Dreams

I am studying in VII standard in Vishnu School. I have been the Academic topper from L.K.G to VII class. I stood first in every attempt I do. My debut experience with Olympiad in 6th class was, I attended Olympiad of Mathematics and Science. I stood first in school in both the subjects and also […]

My First day in the campus

Time keeps everything in its fold and unfolds its plan in due course. It is an ancient dictum, which I firmly believe in. It is true at cosmic level and microcosmic level. The efficacy of this statement can be better experienced when one becomes a spectator of one’s life. Time has introduced a new field […]

Foreign Language Training Programmes

As a language teacher, I strongly believe that without language, there is no existence in the world. Hence, language is a great gift to us for easy communication and happy life. Now a day’s one language is not enough to lead life in the world comfortably. In 20th century, Technology is rapidly developed, people travel […]

A gateway to Educational Attainment

Attention to Detail, A Passion for Working with his Hands Leads a Student to Find Meaning-and a Future Career-in Dentistry. Vishnu Dental College and the Educational society is “a gateway to educational attainment”. It stands as a symbol to show that learning can be the door to personal development. My very first day in Vishnu […]