Decision on taking a rough path is important.

Today i will tell you why you should follow your mind even though it takes very much time and effort to do.

Let me give you a brief introduction before knowing how I took this path.

I am like a normal student who is attending classes and playing pubg with my friends. I am thinking of learning some android development and took some beginner level courses on udacity on android development. But it is hard to maintain both because I am in my first year and first year faculties are somewhat strict about academics and I don’t know how to begin. What can you expect from a student who completed his Intermediate in some private college in vijayawada. Definitely not Searching on youtube tutorials.

Hardest Decision:

I came across a video on youtube by Joseph Redmon, who is the father of YOLO. I was starstruck by the things yolo did. Then I told myself.  I should build that. But learning machine learning is pretty difficult. Getting the low level understanding requires some luck if you don’t have a team.

Then Smart India Hackathon started in our college.My faculties are informing us to work together on some projects.Then i thought maybe there is nothing to lose.I should try something new.Then i choose one ml problem statement Which our college bought for 1 lakh rupees.It is License plate detection.I don’t know anything about that.I started researching like hellllll.

This is really the hardest decision.

Journey of making Prototype:

The prototype making is kinda hard. So I divided the whole concepts into CHUNKS OF GOALS WHICH IS VERY IMPORTANT BCZ YOU DONT HAVE ANY STRESS WHILE WORKING ON THAT PART AND IT IS LOCALLY BOUNDED. Remember let me guide you how to do that.

First part is taking an image from the camera and the second part is sending it to a function which gives a number plate.

Each part is locally bounded means you can do anyone without interdependence on other parts.

I started working on it from morning 9am to evening 5pm by taking just 1 hour break for lunch.

Every day I started researching by getting correct code for like 60% of time.

Benefit of taking Hardest Decision:

So I am working in my lab where I met Dr. Abhinav Dayal, while i am working on image classification. If I went home instead of going to the lab then I may never have met him. Then he told me that some faculty and students are taking an AI course and he asked me whether I would be part of that. I told him I will think about it and I joined.

By taking this ML project,  I got a chance to work with some of the wonderful and brilliant CSE guys who are my seniors and enjoyed every bit of that.

My advice is if you follow on going paths that are comfortable for you then you may never see your talents. So try to take tough decisions where you have to work 10+ hours daily without making anyone progress on the project but learning a lot. It will also be helpful in improving your concentration.If you like it, follow me and we will meet in the next blog on the best ways to get good scores by doing smart work instead of hard work.