Click Click Click!!!

Wondering wii_iky3xvb01_153097c9493ec68chat does this mean? This is the running thought in my mind driving me towards photography. As a student in school or college, photography is a pastime that appeals to most. But for me it was not an idea of fun and has always been my passion.

Visual imagery is one of the best ways in which people may express themselves. Whether the image is produced by painting, drawing or photography, a picture needs no words to express what it means and what the artist felt when they conceived it. Well said. Right? This is exactly what I feel about photography – my dream. Initially it was tough to make people believe on me and so I had to fire all cylinders to give a shot out for phoDSCN9027_1453034959189_1453211160246 - Copytography . But now, being able to depict my work on clicking, things have become much better with the whole support of my college and friends. The ardent desire to click a pic is the most working weapon in my case and is always dragging me towards DSLR. I have made my place named ‘S CLICKS’ which is the ground root for my career in photography. The barriers throughout the journey of making “S CLICKS” has always helped me to move for a step ahead later on. I believe that all the lessons and experiences fusing with my dedication towards my work will make me run for my only dream and so hoping for the best I could do.