Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever

– Mahatma Gandhi

Learning is always an important aspect of life which helps in personality development. Learning can be done both technically and behaviorally. Gifting knowledge to others is always precious. One of my contributions towards sharing knowledge is conducting a Natural Language Processing Workshop and Hackathon in our college.

As a part of our college’s technical symposium, me and my team have conducted a workshop followed by a hackathon about the basics of Machine Learning and NLP (Natural Language Processing). Our college management believed in our team’s capability and gave us the opportunity to host it. Being it our first time we were a bit nervous and also parallelly confident about ourselves. About 60 students from various colleges have attended our workshop. Day one was entirely about the concepts and me and my team have given the attendees a brief introduction and hands on experience about the required topics. Day one went well with our interactive sessions. We have also planned some fun activities to keep them engaged. Day two was a hackathon where we had given them a task to complete. We helped them out whenever they got stuck. Each team has given good results. It was a very happy moment for us to see them performing well with our inputs. Based upon some constraints and our judge’s decision we declared the results.

Of course teaching others about a technology requires expertise in it. For this also I have to thank my college. They have given us the opportunity to attend a workshop about Artificial Intelligence and Emerging Technologies. This workshop was conducted at IIT Hyderabad by Talent Sprint. There were trained professionals who have taught us all the concepts about the emerging technologies. It was a pleasure for us to meet such professionals. It was a very good experience. At the end of the workshop we were asked to do a team project. We had successfully completed the project and also received a certificate of merit based on our performance. Learning trending technologies helps one to cope up with the fast paced world.

To conclude, I want to thank my college for keeping trust in us and giving us the opportunity to host a workshop as part of our college symposium and also giving us the opportunity to learn new technologies from industry trained professionals.