IMG_1392I am G.VIKAS REDDY of  ECE-A. First of all before going to tell  about my experience in the spell bee  session, I want to share my past experience. In my school days I used to watch SPELL BEE competition in DISCOVERY and SAKSHI channels. Those programs created  a great enthusiasm in me and it lead to my participation  in this session. I was much tensed before going to participate in the SPELL BEE competition. The 1st round was completed within half an hour. I know I had written the exam well but there was some anxiety whether I had been selected in the 1st round or not. Later the results were declared. And in it,  I qualified.  My experience by watching those programs built up a hope within me and it helped me to think in a broad way about spellings. Instinctively I was able to trace some rules in spelling , and some hints through syllable division  which resulted in the winning of 2nd round. And in the upcoming rounds I  built the confidential levels with myself motivation. In the final round i.e. Rapid Fire Round, I was very excited; yet  I concentrated only on the given questions without  any distractions. This helped me a lot because I was able to answer the questions in a short period of time. Fortunately I found the questions to be easy and with the help of my knowledge I stood first.