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My journey to Pratibha Award

My experience in Vishnu college has given me a chance to sharpen my skills in my field.There are many opportunities in this college to learn more. Because of this,I realized I still had a lot to learn despite what i thought and as a result,I know one day this valuable experience will help me in […]

Click Click Click!!!

Wondering what does this mean? This is the running thought in my mind driving me towards photography. As a student in school or college, photography is a pastime that appeals to most. But for me it was not an idea of fun and has always been my passion. Visual imagery is one of the best ways in which people may […]


I am G.VIKAS REDDY of  ECE-A. First of all before going to tell  about my experience in the spell bee  session, I want to share my past experience. In my school days I used to watch SPELL BEE competition in DISCOVERY and SAKSHI channels. Those programs created  a great enthusiasm in me and it lead […]

Spell Bee @VIT

Regarding the “Spell bee” competition conducted in our college, it was very interesting and it  included three  rounds which made us more enthusiastic about the upcoming rounds. Though it was the first time for me to participate in this type of competition, I stood third in the competition, which is a great thing for me. […]