My journey to KONY

After completion of my Intermediate education I was left in a puzzle what to do now? I asked many elders they gave me different views one said do CA, another said do B.Com and some said go engineering. The choice is left for me, I asked myself what I choose?  I introspected myself what am I good at? I am curious about gadgets, good at analyzing things then I got my answer of course it is definitely Engineering. Then the next question is where? I went to many and asked but this time to my surprise, everyone said Vishnu Institute of Technology. I enquired about the institute and got satisfied with the results.


I clearly remember it is that day, when I hosted the inaugural of our juniors I heard of Mission R & D, in the speech of our senior Ms.Sravanthi who was placed in “Thought Works” through Mission R & D.  At first the word ‘Mission R & D’ fascinated me.  At the end of my 2nd academic year of my graduation, I got an opportunity to be a part of it.

We had a great summer course at Mission R & D, learning new Technologies improving ourselves, learning how to learn, how corporate groups collaborate to accomplish the tasks, a complete 360 degree view of the task, Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) and other stress management techniques by Kalyan Chakravarthi sir, of course with great fun, even we played business games all in all it was a colorful experience for me with Mission R & D.

My journey to KONY:

Kony is reckoned as one of the leading app designer in the world. I feel so lucky for getting an opportunity as an inter at KONY.  Firstly I have to thank our Peri sir (co-founder of Mission R & D), Kalan Chakravarthi sir, OLN sir, Rohit sir and all our faculty at Mission R & D in addition to faculty at Mission R & D I need to extend a special thanks to Sumit Gupta sir (HOD – CSE), Sri Lakshmi madam of IT who helped me a lot in the initial selection stages of Mission R & D.

My interview was just a two round one. In former round I was interviewed by Mr.Ram, and in later by Mr.Aravind Kasyap.  I thought Kony, being a core – IT Company they may ask questions regarding soft-ware concepts.  But in contrary, they questioned me on our core Communication, Image-processing.  Thank god, I am so lucky, thanks to my teachers and faculty at Vishnu Institute of Technology who taught and trained me well to master my core subjects.  In addition to my core subjects they tested my logical ability, problem solving skills and coding skills in both rounds.

In both of my interview rounds they observed who I arrived at solution and how many different ways I tried to solve it and what are the different situations I arrived at.

It was a happy experience to me and something like talking to persons whom I know well.

Mission R & D and Campus Recruitment Training at my college played a major role for my success at Kony intern interview.